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Species of the Month November 2006

Slipper limpet (c) Judith Oakley

Common name: Slipper Limpet

Latin name: Crepidula fornicata

A type of sea snail (Mollusca)


Key Features

  • 'Toe-nail' shaped shell up to 5 cm long.
  • Usually stuck to rocks, shells or stones.
  • Often forms 'clumps' or stacks with the oldest shell at the bottom.
  • White or ceam with orange or pink blotches.

Where to look:

Lower shore sometimes attached to other shells. Empty shells found on the beach.


The USA, transported into the UK with oysters.

Effects of warming sea:

May extend northwards but limited by minimum winter temperatures.

Effects on the environment:

Competes with other filter feeders for food and space.

More information:

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