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Species of the Month August 2007

Wireweed (c) F. Crouch

Common name: Wireweed

Latin name: Sargassum muticum

A type of brown seaweed (Algae)


Key Features

  • Bushy brown seaweed.
  • 'Wire-like' stem.
  • Covered in what looks like small leaves and tiny round floats.
  • Attached to rocks by a small holdfast.
  • Very dense, feels coarse and wiry.
  • May form very long lengths (like a 'washing line').

Where to look:

On the middle and lower.


The Pacific Ocean, probably Japan. transported with oysters.

Effects of wamer seas:

Will become more widespread.

Effects on the environment:

Grows fast. Shades rockpools, may alter temperature. Covers other plants and animals.

More information:

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