The Shore Thing

Quadrat Survey

The Shore Thing is an initiative of MarLIN, the Marine Life Information Network, working with schools and community groups to collect information on the marine life of rocky shores around Britain. The project follows on from the UK’s Marine Biodiversity and Climate Change Programme (MarClim). MarClim provided strong evidence that recent climate change has resulted in changes in the abundance, population structure and biogeographic ranges of a number of intertidal indicator species. The survey protocol and methodologies have been developed from MarClim. All the information collected by volunteers will be made available online and will help to build a picture of the present state of UK rocky shores and measure change in the future.

News and Events

Shore Thing Ireland (ShorTIE)

Training at Dogs BayThanks to the support of the Irish Research Council the Shore Thing Project was officially launched in Ireland with two training sessions held on the 31st March and 1st April. This is great news for all involved in the Project as Shore Thing is now more than a UK project but extends to the British Isles with the launch of the Shore Thing in the Channel Islands at the end of 2013.

The two training sessions held at Dogs Bay and Spiddal attracted a variety of volunteers from Universities, environmental organisations and Seasearch. All left with experience on how to conduct a survey and eagerness to organise surveys in their local area.

The results will be fed into the Shore Thing database and once verified the timed species search data will be sent to the National Biodiversity Network ( The data from Ireland will help us to assess the long term impact of climate change on the rocky shores of the British Isles.

Click here to download dates and locations for surveys in Ireland during May 2014

Click here to email your interest in getting involved in Shore Thing surveys in Ireland.

2014 Surveys

Hopefully before too long the rain will stop and the gales will ease so we can get out on the shore. Now is a good time to start thinking about times and dates for surveys. Volunteers completed over 80 surveys in 2013 so the challenge is to do more in 2014.

If you would like information on the tide times in your area or on how you can get involved please contact us.


Shore Thing now has a Twitter account. Please follow us on @ShoreThing_MBA

Shore Thing Survey Guide!

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This new guide sets out Shore Thing survey techniques and species identification.  Printed on waterproof paper this A5, 24 page guide contains: a brief explanation of the main features of the rocky shore; details on how to carry out a transect survey and timed species search; anatomical features of seaweed and sea snails, and photographs and key features of 43 species.  There is a special section on non-native species, records of which should be sent to the Marine Life Information Network (MarLIN)

This guide is free of charge to Shore Thing participants.  Please contact the Shore Thing Project Officer, Fiona Crouch.  Email: or telephone: 01752 633336.  If you would like several copies then a donation towards post and packing would be very much appreciated.

Species of the Month

Over the past three years Species of the Month has featured all 22 climate change indicators used during the Shore Thing timed species search and a number of non-native species. Click here to see the full list of species and accompanying information.