Terms and Conditions

When you use the Sealife Survey website to submit a sighting, you are agreeing to a certain set of terms and conditions. Please familiarise yourself with these conditions as it is important that you understand how we process your information and the information you submit to us.

  1. Any personal information collected by Marine Biological Association of the UK (henceforth: MBA) web sites will not be published or passed on to third parties without prior consent, or where there is a legal obligation to do so.
  2. By submitting records to the Sealife Survey web site, you accept that the information you submit may be shared with national biodiversity and wildlife monitoring groups who may use the data to monitor species diversity and habitats.  Your records will be attributed to you and will be passed on with your first and family name unless you request them to be submitted anonymously.
  3. This site does collect personally identifiable information including your name, e-mail address and telephone number. These are submitted voluntarily by the user and may be used to contact you for more information about your sealife sighting. We will not pass your contact details to other organisations for any commercial purposes such as advertising. However, your details will be stored alongside your record as per paragraphs 4 and 5, below.
  4. Wildlife observations collected through this site will be stored securely on a data warehouse currently hosted by the Biological Records Centre (BRC) and made available to experts for verification through iRecord (the BRC website for online recording).
  5. Once submitted, your records are subject to the BRC/iRecord terms of service.
  6. Please do not submit records to this site that have already been submitted to a Vice County Recorder, Local Records Centre, National Recording Scheme or another online wildlife recording system. Many wildlife recording schemes share records with the BRC and NBN and contribute to their combined database of species sightings. If you submit a sighting to multiple such sites, this could result in an inaccurate count of species sightings.
  7. Any photographs or text content that you submit to the Sealife Survey is with the understanding that you consent to the MBA, Sealife Survey and NBN using your images with correct attribution to you (or the photographer if not you).  Your images may also be shared by us for recording purposes.  This includes sharing with relevant agencies to notify them of the presence of a relevant species, in press releases regarding important records, on our social media accounts to highlight records, and use in MBA produced identification sheets if the image is useful to assist others for correct identification of a species.  You will be contacted for permission if we wish to use your image for any other purpose.  If you do not wish to share your images in any way please contact us on recording@mba.ac.uk to inform us of this.
  8. The MBA web server, where this site is hosted, automatically collects information including IP address, browser type, operating system, access times etc. Such information is only used for administrative purposes and to monitor traffic to the site.
  9. The MBA is not responsible for the policies or content of others sites linked to from the web site.
  10. The MBA is a registered data controller in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Any personal information submitted, e.g. membership applications, will be dealt with in compliance with this legislation.
  11. If you require further information, or would like your details removed from the MBA’s records, please email info@mba.ac.uk