David Johns

David specialises (>19 years) in plankton macroecology, long-term dataset analysis and para-taxonomy. He has published research papers (40+) on plankton and hydro-climatic interactions, invasive species and plankton – higher trophic level interactions, and has extensive experience in producing scientific reports for Governmental bodies, NGO’s and commercial companies. In addition, he is part of a newly funded OSPAR project which is working to operationalise ecological indicators for European marine policy. He has recently been involved with the NERC Consortium Ocean Acidification Impacts on Sea Surface Biology, NERC Quantifying links between human influences on climate, shifting seasons and widespread ecosystem consequences, INTERREG projects, and is on the ICES Working Group on Integrated Assessments of the North Sea [WGINOSE]. David is a joint PhD supervisor with Plymouth University.

Head of CPR Survey
+44 (0)1752 426492