Charlotte Walker
Charlotte is currently a NERC PhD Student based between the MBA and the University of Southampton National Oceanography Centre. She has a BSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Exeter, but moved into marine biology after working for the Bahamian National Trust in 2012. Following this position she returned to study for an MRes in Marine Biology with Plymouth University, completing her dissertation project with SAHFOS where she studied harmful algal bloom monitoring in the English Channel. She is now a member of the algal physiology group at the MBA, supervised by Dr Glen Wheeler (MBA), Professor Colin Brownlee (MBA) and Professor Toby Tyrrell (UoS). Her research is focused on coccolithophore calcification with a specific emphasis on differences between species of coccolithophore. Her work includes microscopy, culturing and physiological experiments, and her skills are predominantly laboratory based with a molecular and cellular focus, but she hopes to gain more field experience in the coming years of her PhD studies. Charlotte is also really interested in the popular communication of science. She is a keen contributor to the @MBAPressGang twitter profile, writing short news articles, producing scientific illustrations and involved in various knowledge exchange events.
PhD Student
+44(0)1752 426257