Ella Mcknight

Ella is a PhD student investigating the influence of environmental variability on the ecological performance of native and non-native marine organisms. This research is supervised by Dan Smale (MBA), Marc Rius and Amanda Bates (National Oceanography Centre Southampton, see http://riuslab.com/ and http://www.macroecologylab.com/), and is both MBA and SPITFIRE funded (see http://www.spitfire.ac.uk/home). Prior to this, she studied MSc in Oceanography at the NOCS, and a BSc in Marine Biology at Queen’s University, Belfast, and has recently had her MSc thesis published in the journal Global Change Biology, entitled 'Global meta-analysis of native and non-indigenous trophic traits in aquatic ecosystems'. Before studying, Ella was employed by an environmental monitoring company as a field technician and worked on a project to enhance the quality of bathing water along a variety of beaches along the south coast of England. Ella's interests include non-native species, environmental variability, physiological tolerance, and biodiversity in an era of global change.

PhD Student
+44(0)1752 426330