Albert Pessarrodona
Albert Pessarrodona Silvestre
Albert is a research assistant under the supervision of Dr. Dan Smale. His research tries to understand how climate-driven changes in seaweed distributions affect ecosystem functioning. He undertakes monthly field surveys to monitor the growth and erosion of kelp populations within Plymouth Sound. He is also setting up field experiments to study kelp degradation. Albert has recently finished a MRes in Marine Biology at Plymouth University, where he investigated how a shift in the distribution of Laminaria ochroleuca, a warm-temperate kelp, affected ecosystem processes associated with carbon and nutrient cycling. He graduated with BSc in Biology from the University of Barcelona in 2015. He undertook his research project at CEAB-CSIC in Blanes (Spain), where he studied the effects of predation risk on sea urchin behaviour and spatial distribution.
Research Assistant
+44(0)1752 426330