Council Member

Professor David M. Paterson holds a personal chair in Coastal Ecology at the University of St Andrews, is Executive Director of the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (MAST). He also Chairs the Sullom Voe Oil Terminal Environmental Advisory Group Monitoring Committee. He has 25 years of experience in research on marine systems and held a Royal Society University Research Fellowship at Bristol before moving to St Andrews. There he established the Sediment Ecology Research Group (SERG) and continued his work on the dynamics and ecology of intertidal and shallow coastal systems. SERG now has an international reputation for innovation and scholarship in marine science and strong national and international funding. Professor Paterson has led a number of successful interdisciplinary projects (EU and National) and was a theme leader in the EU MARBEF network of excellence. He has over 140 peer-reviewed publications, has edited four books and successfully supervise >20 doctoral candidates. Recent research involves biodiversity, ecosystem function and ecosystem service relationships, and global change biology particularly the effects multiple stressors (ocean acidification, temperature and hypoxia). He currently leads the NERC CBESS (Coastal Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Sustainability) consortium and is a member of Marine Scotland's Science Advisory Board.

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