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Books in the NMBL

B: General subjects

B.1 Dictionaries; languages
B.5 Directories
B.10 Directories: biological stations
B.15 Learned societies
B.20 Museum catalogues, general guides etc.
B.25 Library catalogues
B.30 Biographies and letters
B.35 Essays and collected works
B.40 History of science
B.45 Philosophy of science
B.50 Plymouth and south west England
B.55 Travel and adventure
B.60 General polar literature
B.65 Miscellaneous

BA: Physics and mathematics

BA.1 Mathematics
BA.5 Statistics
BA.10 Physics general; fluid dynamics, aerodynamics
BA.15 Nucleonics
BA.20 Electricity and electronics
BA.25 Physics: light
BA.30 Tables and handbooks of physics and chemistry

BB: Meteorology

BB.1 Meteorology

BC: Chemistry

BC.1 General chemistry
BC.10 Physical and theoretical chemistry
BC.15 Colloid chemistry
BC.20 Electrochemistry
BC.25 Hydrogen ions
BC.30 Inorganic chemistry
BC.35 Organic chemistry
BC.40 Analytical chemistry
BC.45 Radiochemistry
BC.50 Technological and industrial chemistry

BD: Geography, geology and geophysics

BD.1 Coastal geography
BD.5 Geology: general
BD.10 Geology: regional
BD.15 Geology: submarine
BD.20 Geophysics (including sedimentation)
BD.25 Geochemistry

BE: Oceanography, hydrography and general marine research

BE.1 Oceanography: general
BE.5 Oceanography: surveying, remote sensing
BE.10 Oceanography: physical
BE.15 Oceanography: tides, waves, currents
BE.20 Oceanography: table
BE.25 Oceanography: chemical, aquatic chemistry
BE.30 Marine biology: general
BE.35 Marine exploration
BE.40 Regional oceanography: Atlantic and North Sea
BE.45 Regional oceanography: other
BE.50 Fouling and corrosion
BE.55 Navigation and pilotage
BE.60 Estuaries

BF: Limnology and hydrobiology

BF:1 General limnology and hydrobiology
BF.5 Plankton
BF.10 Aquaria

BG: Ecology

BG.1 General ecology
BG.5 Animal coloration
BG.10 Parasitism and symbiosis
BG.15 Environmental conservation and pollution
BG.20 Water pollution (general)
BG.30 Chemical pollution of water
BG.40 Biological pollution of water
BG.50 Physical pollution of water

BH: Biology (general)

BH.1 General biology
BH.5 Natural history (general)
BH.10 Theoretical biology
BH.15 Natural history surveys
BH.20 Palaeontology

BJ: Microbiology and molecular biology

BJ.1 General, including biodeterioration
BJ.10 Molecular biology

BK: Botany

BK.1 Botany: general
BK.5 Botany: algae, water plants, fungi
BK.10 Plant physiology
BK.15 Agriculture
BK.20 Botany: taxonomy

BL: Zoology

BL.1 Zoology: general textbooks and manuals
BL.5 Zoology: general
BL.10 Taxonomy
BL.15 Faunas and checklists
BL.20 Zoology: faunas, classic
BL.30 General invertebrates
BL.32 Zoology: protozoa
BL.34 Zoology: sponges
BL.36 Zoology: coelenterates
BL.38 Zoology: worms, free (including chaetognaths)
BL.40 Zoology: worms, parasitic
BL.42 Zoology: crustacea
BL.44 Zoology: arachnids
BL.46 Zoology: insects
BL.48 Zoology: molluscs
BL.50 Zoology: bryozoa
BL.52 Zoology: brachiopods
BL.54 Zoology: echinoderms
BL.56 Zoology: protochordates (including tunicates)
BL.58 Zoology: pogonophora
BL.60 Zoology: general vertebrates
BL.62 Zoology: amphibia and reptiles
BL.65 Zoology: fish - general (including migration)
BL.70 Zoology: fish - extra European
BL.75 Zoology: fish - systematics and classification
BL.80 Zoology: fish - Salmonidae
BL.85 Zoology: fish - morphology
BL.90 Zoology: birds
BL.95 Zoology: mammals
BL.100 Zoology: anthropology

BM: Microscopy, histology and cytology

BM.1 Microscopy, histology, cytology: techniques and tissue culture
BM.5 Histology, cytology and histochemistry
BM.10 Microscopy; X-ray microanalysis

BN: Anatomy, morphology

BN.1 Anatomy, morphology: general
BN.5 Embryology, development and regeneration

BO: Medicine

BO.1 Medicine; general
BO.5 Pharmacology; drugs from the sea

BP: Biochemistry

BP.1 Biochemistry: general
BP.5 Biochemistry: methods
BP.10 Comparative biochemistry
BP.15 Dynamic biochemistry - general metabolism
BP.18 Dynamic biochemistry - carbohydrate metabolism
BP.20 Dynamic biochemistry - fat metabolism
BP.22 Dynamic biochemistry - protein metabolism
BP.25 Dynamic biochemistry - enzymes
BP.30 Structural biochemistry - general
BP.32 Structural biochemistry - carbohydrates
BP.34 Structural biochemistry - fats
BP.36 Structural biochemistry - proteins
BP.40 Pigments
BP.45 Vitamins

BQ: Physiology

BQ.1 Physiology: miscellaneous
BQ.5 Physiology: general and cellular
BQ.10 Comparative physiology
BQ.15 Sensory physiology
BQ.20 Neurophysiology
BQ.25 Physiology: bioluminescence
BQ.30 Biophysics and muscle physiology
BQ.35 Physiology: respiration and blood
BQ.40 Physiology: water and salt metabolism
BQ.45 Reproductive physiology
BQ.50 Endocrinology and hormones
BQ.55 Physiology: isotopes and radioactivity in biology

BR: Behaviour

BR.1 Behaviour: general
BR.5 Psychology
BR.10 Behaviour: nervous basis
BR.15 Behaviour: tropisms; animal navigation

BS: Heredity, evolution

BS.1 Heredity; genetics
BS.5 Evolution
BS.10 Phycology
BS.15 Speciation
BS.20 Heredity: variation
BS.25 Heredity: sex

BT: Fisheries

BT.1 Fisheries: general
BT.5 Fisheries: extra-European fisheries
BT.10 Fisheries: Salmonids
BT.15 Fisheries: shellfisheries
BT.20 Fisheries: pearls and pearl fisheries
BT.25 Fisheries: whaling and sealing
BT.30 Aquaculture
BT.35 Fisheries: diseases of aquatic animals
BT.40 Fisheries: technology, curing, etc
BT.45 Fisheries: vessels and gear
BT.50 Fisheries: law and history (including law of the sea)

BU: Technology and management

BU.1 Technology and management
BU.5 Diving
BU.10 Laboratory techniques; laboratory animals
BU.15 Photography
BU.20 Printing and authorship, illustration
BU.25 Library and information techniques
BU.30 Computers