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Climate change will affect how we protect the marine environment

Posted October 05 2015

A newly published paper highlights the need for integration of climate change impacts on marine biodiversity in the development and implementation of marine legislation. The paper provides further detail on the MCCIP report card launched in September 2015 (see below). Lead author of the paper and chair of the MCCIP Report Card Working Group, The MBA’s Dr Matthew […]

Oceans and Human Health – read the latest issue of the Journal of the Marine Biological Association (JMBA)

Posted February 10 2016

“Marine Biology is undergoing a ‘sea change’ in its outlook and approach …” The latest edition of the JMBA is a special issue focussing on human health. Read a blog post about the oceans and human health by Fiona McGowan, Senior Lecturer at Academie voor Gezondheids studies, Netherlands. Read articles from the special issue.  

New research identifies unexpected role for silicon in calcifying coccolithophores

Posted February 05 2016

The shells produced by tiny marine algae play an important role in shaping our planet. One major group of marine algae are the coccolithophores, which surround themselves with many calcium carbonate plates (coccoliths). Over time these coccoliths settle to the sea bed and contribute to the formation of sedimentary rocks such as chalks and limestones. […]

Register now for Oceanology 2016

Posted February 01 2016

Oceanology is the world’s premier event for marine science and technology. Register now for Oceanology 2016.   Click advert to enlarge.

Shark hotspots ‘tracked’ by fishing vessels

Posted January 25 2016

Significant geographic overlap between ‘hotspots’ of oceanic shark distribution and fishing activity is reported in a new study. An international team of researchers from the UK, Portugal, Spain and U.S.A. tracked more than 100 sharks from six different species by satellite across the entire North Atlantic, one of the most heavily exploited oceans. Concurrent with […]

Think Big, Think Ocean Video Contest Now Open

Posted January 11 2016

Have you got a creative, innovative idea for how to increase people’s awareness and appreciation of the ocean? If so, you should enter the Sea Change project’s Think Big, Think Ocean video contest. Sea Change is an EU-funded project which aims to bring about a fundamental change in the way European citizens view their relationship […]

Making Waves – PlyMSEF annual student conference

Posted January 07 2016

The Plymouth Marine Science and Education Foundation conference (PlyMSEF 2016) is being held at Plymouth Marine Laboratory on 11 February and is open to early career scientists with an interest in marine research. Masters students, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers are invited to contribute through oral and poster presentations. Talks should be 10 minutes long, followed by 5 […]

Call for PlyMSEF Grant-in-Aid – 2016

Posted January 05 2016

The Plymouth Marine Science & Education Foundation (PlyMSEF) – a charitable body, established to provide funds to enable students and early career scientists to attend scientific conferences and symposia or to attend advanced training courses or workshops in the marine sciences – is pleased to announce a call for Grant-in-Aid applications for 2016. A grant […]

New paper in the journal Biological Invasions: MBA researchers look at biodiversity implications of the invasive kelp Undaria pinnatifida.

Posted December 17 2015

Kelp forests dominate temperate and polar rocky coastlines and represent critical marine habitats because they support elevated rates of primary and secondary production and high biodiversity. A major threat to the stability of these ecosystems is the proliferation of non-native species … A new paper in the journal Biological Invasions examines the biogenic habitat structure and […]

Sea Change: A lesson in ocean literacy

Posted December 15 2015

Read an article about the Sea Change project on the Horizon 2020 website. Sea Change is a three-year EU H2020 funded project that aims to establish a fundamental “Sea Change” in the way European citizens view their relationship with the sea, by empowering them, as Ocean Literate citizens, to take direct and sustainable action towards […]

MBA comments on UK withdrawing from Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)

Posted December 08 2015

Sheryll Murray, MP for South East Cornwall recently told the BBC Politics Show (53 mins) that she would vote to leave the EU if agreement could not be reached on the UK withdrawing from the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and managing its own waters. The BBC approached Dr Matt Frost from the Marine Biological Association to […]

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