Staff List

Jon Parr
Deputy Director, Head of Education

Jon has a wide remit which covers the Citadel Hill building operations and staff, the research infrastructure and the development of the wider knowledge exchange programme. He has particular responsibility for the Education and Training programmes.

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+44(0)1752 426479
Fiona Crouch
Sea Change Project Manager

Fiona is the manager of the EU Horizon 2020 funded project called Sea Change which aims to ‘to bring about a fundamental “Sea Change” in the way European citizens view their relationship with the sea, by empowering them – as ‘Ocean Literate’ citizens -

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+44(0)1752 426309
Jack Sewell
Jack Sewell
Senior Science Interpreter - Training Facilities Manager - Research Officer

Jack has been involved in developing science interpretation resources and activities for a number of EU projects and is currently developing citizen science projects for 'SeaChange' and 'ENVRI+'.

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+44 (0)1752 968701
Eliane Bastos
Sea Change Education Assistant

Eliane works as an Education Assistant in the Sea Change Project, which is a Horizon 2020 funded initiative to increase ocean literacy in Europe.

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+44(0)1752 426543
Guy J. Baker
Communications Officer

After graduating Guy worked in the oil industry for a couple of years. An interest in design and desktop publishing led him to a job as Chief Illustrator, supporting academic research in the Geography department at University College, London.

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+44(0)1752 426239
Kathryn Pack
PhD Student

Kathryn is a SPITFIRE PhD student based at the Marine Biological Association of the UK. Her PhD focuses on the physiology of intertidal invasive species under future climate change and modelling their future distribution around the UK.

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+44(0)1752 426349