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Occasional Publications of the Marine Biological Association No. 26


Marine Zooplankton of Southern Britain - Part 2: Arachnida, Pycnogonida, Cladocera, Facetotecta, Cirripedia and Copepoda

[Added October 2012]

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Full reference:
Conway, D.V.P. (2012) Marine Zooplankton of southern Britain. Part 2: Arachnida, Pycnogonida, Cladocera, Facetotecta, Cirripedia and Copepoda.A.W.G. John (ed.) Occasional Publications. Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom (26) 163p.


This series of three guides (of which this is Part 2) collates taxonomic identification information for the zooplankton groups recorded off south-west Britain , primarily for local identification and training purposes. However, because prevailing currents also bring oceanic zooplankton into the English Channel , the range of species sampled off Plymouth covers the majority found over the shallower parts of northern European continental shelf (excluding the Mediterranean Sea ), so the guides should be more widely useful and hopefully make tackling zooplankton identification easier for a wider audience. The commonest truly planktonic species and the most widely studied groups are covered in most detail, but some information is also included on benthic, epibenthic and parasitic species that are sampled occasionally. For all groups there is at least information on their morphology, guidance on their identification and bibliographies giving identification resources.